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Rebecca King is a British writer/ director whose debut short Contenders caught the attention of her hero Lisa Joy, the co-showrunner of Westworld. It went on to premiere at BAFTA qualifying Aesthetica Film Festival - where they included her in 'ten female filmmakers to watch' for Primetime Network.

Under lock-down she was commissioned to direct A Home Truth to be streamed online as part of a mini-series called "Oru lea buoret go jođi" for the International Sámi Film institute. The film will screen at London Short Film Festival and have an online premiere on Girls On Film.

Rebecca is currently co-writing a television show Open Veins with director Lian Meng Rose centred round the rail network. Together they are also tackling the increasingly important subject of the rise in hostile architecture in Britain through their thriller named Stegosaurus. Rebecca is also writing her first feature, After All This Blows Over.

Rebecca King is part of the BFI Network x BAFTA Crew cohort.

Leeds International Film Festival 2019 laurel
Aesthetica Short Film Festival Laurel
Girls in Film Laurel
Girls in Film laurel
London Short film festival laurel


Still from the film Contenders

Still from the film Contenders

Arriving at a gateway in the North of UK, one small group are on the brink of crossing into an uncertain future. Contenders explores anonymous heroic acts from the younger generation and how they are often, despite often criticised, the first to respond to a calling.

Written and Directed by Rebecca King (Debut)
DOP Andrew Rodger
CAST Titana Muthui, Nebli Basani, Petre Dobre, Ali Ariaie, Jordan Kouame, Raghad Chaar, Laurie Duffy, Stephen Outhwaite, Sonny (The dog)
Screenings include: Aesthetica Film Festival, Leeds International Film Festival.

Considering this is her debut as a director, Rebecca  King's science fiction parable glows with quality in it's lighting, pacing and  storytelling.

- Leeds International Film Festival

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A Home Truth

Still from the film A Home Truth

Still from the film A Home Truth showing an eye peeping through a curtain

Commissioned by the International Sámi Film Institute filmed under lockdown. A young Sámi woman faces conflicting emotions of having found a home far away from her family in Sápmi.

Directed by Rebecca King
DOP Lian Meng Rose, Hans Pieski, (and thanks to Nathalie Pitters)
CAST Ánne Mággá Wigelius, Nina Yndis, Raghad Chaar, Ben Alalouff, Fayez Bakhsh

Screened at : London Short Film Festival, Nordic Lights Film Festival and Bodø film festival


Still from the film Inhale

Still from the film Inhale showing a girl sat on the grass with a bottle in her hand

Music Video for rapper Fayez Bakhsh's outstanding track 'INHALE' - coming soon Jan 2021.

Directed by Rebecca King & Lian Meng Rose
DOP Lian Meng Rose and Nathalie Pitters
CAST Fayez Bakhsh and Friends

Avo Addict

Still from the film Avo Addict

Still from the film Avo Addict

A mockumentary about a middle-class-straight-twenty-something-freelancer navigating her addiction to the fruit in question.

Directed by Rebecca King
Written by Francesca Tomlinson
DOP Millie Turner
CAST Francesca Tomlinson, Dami Olikoya, Viss Elliot Safavi, Mèrce Ribot

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Rebecca working on Contenders
On set of the film Contenders
Contenders - Character standing with eyes shut under a lit lightbulb
On set of the film Contenders
Rebecca with one of the characters from Contenders
Film Contenders showing cameraman filming
Scene from the film Contenders
Behind the scenes
Two male characters sat contemplating
Young Mum holding child in arms
Still from the film A Home Truth of girl filling jug of water in a darkened house