Script Supervisor

Script Supervisor

Rebecca King in action


Rebecca has worked on features and high end dramas in Britain including Rebellion Limited feature film Schools Out Forever and BBC/BFI film Sweetheart.

She also worked on 2nd Unit for HBO’s and Bad Wolf television series Industry on episode eight directed by Ed Lily.

After meeting BAFTA winning script supervisor Angela Allen, Rebecca is keen to collaborate and support new talented directors and cinematographers in the UK with her belief that her role entirely enhances the director’s vision through production, maintaining the integrity of the story with grace under pressure.

Rebecca works in both the old school method of pen & paper as well as digital format. She is now highly trained in ScriptE software.

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On set of the film Sandpaper
Sandpaper - dir. Michael Mante

On set of the film Stratum Deep
Stratum Deep - dir. Lian Meng Rose

Still from the film Sweetheart
Sweetheart - Feature Film - dir. Marley Morrison for BBC Films

Still from the film Industry
Industry - Television Series - (2nd Unit) - dir. Ed Lily for HBO and Bad Wolf