Script Supervisor

Script Supervisor

On set of the film Sandpaper

Rebecca King is a fully digital, UK based Script Supervisor and a member of BAFTA Connect 2022-2025. 


In 2022 Rebecca wrapped on Blocks 2 + 4 of Ripley Parker's The Fuck It Bucket for Netflix. Earlier in the year she completed working on HBO’s House of the Dragon for the full 10 episodes, assisting Script Supervisors Tessa Kimbell and Rory Herbert, she then went on to be the Script Supervisor for the film The Shepherd produced by Alfonso Cuarón for Disney +.


Rebecca is keen to collaborate and support new talented directors and cinematographers in the UK with her belief that her role enhances the director’s vision through production, maintaining the integrity of the story with grace under pressure.


Rebecca has had experience in leading workshops for young adults in Peckham over a period of 7 weeks, empowering the group to build their own work from script writing and shooting scenes through to editing the final footage.

House of the Dragon
Photographer: Theo Whiteman for HBO House of the Dragon.
Rebecca King and director Marley Morrison Photographer: Chloe Sheppard for BBC Film Sweetheart

Rebecca King in action